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More on Dampp ChaserTM Installation and Humidity Control

What's Humidity got to do with it?

Humidity change is your piano's worst enemy. It makes pianos go out of tune. High humidity rusts and weakens metal parts. Repeated cycles of high and low humidity through the year also crack wooden parts, especially those under tension or pressure, like the soundboard and bridges. These changes can cause parts to fail where repair or replacement costs a lot more than prevention--the installation of a Dampp ChaserTM Climate Control System.

Won't a room dehumidifier (or dehumidifier) take care of the problem.

No. First of all, the Dampp ChaserTM is designed to work with pianos and their needs. Room or furnace units have no idea what the piano needs. Also, although the initial cost of a Dampp ChaserTM is higher than a room unit, it has no moving parts, and the operating cost is much less, typically $2.00 to $2.50 per month.

Where can I get more information?

Visit the Dampp ChaserTM site.

What about service? How reliable is it?

It has a five-year warranty, but let me tell you that I have installed hundreds of them, and I have made a total of ONE service call in all those years, and that was for a part I broke during installation. Hey, nobody's perfect.
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