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More on Pitch Raising

If a piano
  • has not been tuned for a number of years (5 or more), and
  • has never been on a regular (at least yearly) tuning schedule, or
  • you have had trouble keeping it in tune, or
  • you just bought it (used) and have no idea about its history,
then the chances are good that you will need a Pitch Raise

What's a Pitch Raise?

Hard, Cruel Facts:
  • The more you do to a piano, tuning-wise, the sooner it will go out of tune again.
  • Past a certain point of out-of-tuneness, trying to get a precise tuning all at once is a waste of your money and my time.
  • A piano reacts to tuning in two ways: Short-term and Long-term.
So clever technicians invented the Pitch Raise. The idea is to add a lot of change to the piano in a hurry, before it has chance to get into its Long-term reaction. Precision is not an issue, but the skillful part is guessing what the Long-term reaction is going to look like and managing the Pitch Raise so that a month later, when the piano is finished with the Long-term reaction, it will have landed fairly close to in-tune.

At that point, the piano is a candidate for a Regular Tuning, which whould then last approximate six months.
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