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More on Voicing

What's Voicing?

Voicing is all about the tone of the piano. It's also a bit of a Black Art, because it's much more subjective than any other part of piano work.

How do I know if I need a Voicing?

If the piano has been well-tuned, the Action has been Regulated, and some notes either tend to be harsh-sounding or dull when you play them, you probably could use a voicing.

What's involved in Voicing?

Voicing involves changing the hardness of the hammers, the way the strings lay, etc.

Why is the price range so wide?

You may need a little or a lot of voicing. You might have just a couple of notes that bother you, or you might want to entirely change the way the piano sounds. Since it's all subjective, it takes longer to satisfy some people than others.
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